Here you will find
import tariffs belonging to member nations of the Asia-Pacific
Cooperation Council as well as general tariff information from member
nations of such an agreement:  Australia,
Brunei, Canadá, Chile, China, Corea, Estados Unidos, Federación Rusa,
Filipinas, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japón, México, Nueva Zelanda, Papua
Nueva Guinea, Perú, Singapur, Tailandia, Taiwán.
Official site
containing data on tariffs from Central American countries, which have
an integrated tariff. Countries:  Costa
Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua.
Official site of the
Latin American Integration Association, ALADI. This is an excellent
website whose entire sections we recommend visiting.
Information for the Andean Community
Import Duties. You can also
download updated versions after being published in the Chilean Official
Foreign Trade Portal of Costa Rica
Center on U.S. Tariffs
FTAA Website – Free Trade Area
of the Americas
The official website
of the Southern Common Market (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and
Uruguay). The site contains the common external tariff on a pdf file.
You can access queries that are available on the basis of sections,
chapters and description of goods.



Here you will find the consolidated tariff from the World Trade
Organization (WTO) for agricultural products.
This thorough Mexican official
site will provide you with detailed information on this country’s
Customs Duties


Official Site that
includes the European Union tariff, TARIC. One can search by product
code and description.
Database reporting on quotas for
imports of different products in the European Union.
Queries can be put forth, by
code or product description, on the tax duty to pay in this market. It
is advisable to know the full tariff position for the product.
Trade Information Centers,
tariffs and taxes for different economic groups.
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